Kendall Auto’s Heartfelt Easter Basket Assembly: Spreading Joy to Providence Hospital’s Little Heroes!

March 12th, 2024 by

At Kendall Auto of Washington, our commitment to the community goes beyond selling cars; it’s about making a positive impact where it’s needed most. We’re excited to share a special event that embodies the spirit of giving and Easter cheer. Our employees are assembling Easter baskets for the brave young patients at Providence Hospital’s Emergency Room Pediatric Unit!

🌸 Why Easter Baskets for Providence Hospital?
This Easter season, Kendall Auto is partnering with Providence Hospital to brighten the spirits of young patients facing medical challenges. We believe in creating moments of joy and laughter, especially during times that can be difficult for children and their families.

🎨 What’s Inside the Easter Baskets?
Our Easter baskets are more than just colorful eggs. They are filled with love and carefully selected items to bring smiles to the faces of these resilient young individuals. Each basket will contain:
– 🖍 Coloring books
– 🧸 Fidget toys
– 🎲 Games
– ✨ Trinkets

🚗 Kendall Auto’s Commitment to Community:
As a part of Kendall Auto’s ongoing efforts to give back, we are proud to facilitate events that bring joy and support to our local community. It’s a reflection of our dedication to not only providing exceptional automotive services but also making a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

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