Diving into Safety: Kendall and Marysville Family YMCA Partner for Water Safety Education

April 30th, 2024 by

3rd Grade Swim Initiative

In a bid to ensure the safety of every child in the Marysville School District, Kendall and the Marysville Family YMCA have joined hands to launch a groundbreaking initiative: providing water safety skills and swimming lessons to 3rd graders in the area.

Nestled amidst various bodies of water, Kendall and the YMCA understand the paramount importance of equipping its young residents with the necessary tools to navigate aquatic environments safely, especially during the upcoming summer months.

The collaborative effort aims to empower 150 3rd graders with vital swim lessons and water safety instructions at the Marysville YMCA. This proactive approach not only fosters a culture of safety but also cultivates a sense of confidence and enjoyment in water-related activities among the youth.

By combining resources and expertise, Kendall and the Marysville Family YMCA are demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community’s children. Together, they are not only teaching valuable life skills but also fostering a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

Through this initiative, Kendall and the Marysville Family YMCA are making waves – not just in the pool, but in the hearts and minds of the next generation. They are turning the tide on water-related risks, ensuring that every child in Marysville can enjoy the summer season with confidence and peace of mind.